Datilera Rio Colorado
Cultivado y procesado bajo el sol del Valle de Méxicali



The date is considered the oldest known tree crop to be formally "cultivated".  Dates have been an important food of the world for more than 6,000 years of recorded history.  Originally grown only in the Middle East, the date palm is a beautiful and productive fruit tree that offers it's consumers the advantages of high food  value and convenient simple long-term storage ability.  The properties of dates makes them unique and for its characteristics gets distinguished from all other major fruits.

The majority of the producing world of dates is by simply waiting until the greatest number of the dates are ripe, then cutting of the entire date arm cluster, lowering it into the ground, and removing the dates later at a processinng facility efficent and quick.

With an average of 17 to 22 fruit arms, a mature tree yield can top 200 pounds.  After picking, the fruit is taken to our dehydrating, processing and packaging facilities, where it is carefully hand graded and packed.The Medjool Date is the softest variety,  it is essential that it be handled as delicately as possible to avoid skin damage and maintein the quality. Each palm must be climbed about 18 times a year, to carry out many hand operations such a pollitination, thinning the bunches and strand of fruit, separated with wire rings to promote better air circulation, and finally protecting the bunches with polyester bags before selective picking.